2013 M2 May Bumps – Day 4

Day 4, and everyone was feeling tired from the excitement of the previous night’s May Ball (and because they’d been rowing really hard all week, of course). With it being the weekend, and the last day, a lot of people had family watching. When P. Lacey said that his mum was watching, P. Carey announced with gusto: “I’m rowing for Mamma Lacey!”, much to the amusement of the rest of the crew. Despite this newfound motivation, the race didn’t go our way, though we did manage to row further than any other day before being bumped by Emma 3. We had been awarded spoons in fairly spectacular style, and even though the result wasn’t exactly unexpected, it was still disappointing. It had started to rain by now, and the row home wasn’t the most pleasant experience of my life. We had the customary team photo at the boathouse, but I decided I was soggy enough already and that there really wasn’t any need to throw me in the river. (We saved that for “Robinson Cardinals” the following week). We all headed back to college to dry off and get ready for Boat Club Dinner. As always, this was a fantastic night, and reminded everyone why they keep rowing when the results aren’t always so fantastic.

All in all, it was a pretty disappointing end to what has been a really enjoyable year at RCBC. We’re not going to let this phase us, rest assured that we’ll be back with fire in our bellies come October –┬ábring on Mays 2014!