Lent Bumps 2017: Day 2

M1: M1 had a decent start, transitioning into good speed and this time were unimpeded by the early bumps at first post corner. M1 sat on a comfortable station watching St Catz struggling to hold off Churchill, and aimed to put pressure on the boat three ahead- Peterhouse. Chasing them down the reach we managed to close it to one length before top finish. A solid row to build off of for tomorrow.

W1: W1 started ahead of a fierce Sidney Sussex boat. W1 made a strong start, had a clean run down first post reach but Sidney pushed it out of the starting blocks and were able to overpower W1 as they moved through the gut.

M2: M2 was in a good position after yesterday’s bump, today chasing Clare Hall. A heroic start saw them earn one whistle by the motorway bridge, and a surge down first post reach completed an emphatic bump.

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