Lent Bumps 2017: Day 4

M2: M2 started today on +5, buzzing from their overbump, and had only one thing on their mind: St Catz M2. Off the start they were clean and sharp and held a chasing FaT III at station, while closing quickly on the crew ahead. From 5th station they moved to a length at first post, half a length through the gut, and took a tight line to achieving overlap around grassy, and finally bumped as they overtook just down plough reach. The rowing was long and strong, the bump was quick and hard. The boys have been rewarded for a hard term’s training and a hard week’s racing with fully deserved blades! M2 +6!!!!

M1: A strong start and good corners had us close to 3/4 length on the Christ’s crew which bumped us after our crash on day 1. Christ’s, however, bumped FaT on Ditton corner, and we were forced very wide, losing crucial time on an unimpeded Peterhouse. Today we finished the course 2 lengths off of Peterhouse, demonstrating that the crew was capable and leaving us level with the highest ever position Robinson has enjoyed in Lent Bumps. M1 level for the week

W1: W1 started off day 4 with determination to put the previous day behind them. Knowing the crew that they were being chased by had a much faster crew behind them, all they had to do was hold on long enough to be in the clear. As the gun went off Pembroke gained on them slightly only to be held off as the rate settled. As predicted the much faster Newnham crew caught up to Pembroke and left clear river behind the Binson women. They settled in for what ended up being a hard row over against a brutal headwind. Overall a great row for W1. W1 -2

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