Lent Bumps 2015: Day 4

So here it is, the final day of Lent bumps 2015… and what a day it’s been!

M3: With yesterdays heroics still fresh in the memory, M3 were eager to keep moving on up. They started from 1st station at the top of Div 4, chased by Kings M2. A powerful effort from the guys saw them hold station with Kings after the gun, but gusting winds down the course halted their progress, and they were bumped on the fateful Ditton corner. Still, a great first experience of bumps for a largely novice-filled crew. Level overall.

M2: After being bumped and rowing over twice, M2 were keen to end off the week back where they started. Unfortunately, after a poor start they never found their rhythm, and Corpus M2 quickly moved up to overlap by first post corner. However, our cox must have been wearing his lucky socks, as Corpus hurtled into the bank in the gut, leaving M2 to row steadily to the finish with all crews behind bumping out. -1 overall.

W1: Being bumped 3 times in 3 days had left W1 on the verge of spoons. However, they were having none of it, and showed what they were made of in a fine row today. The women pulled away from Corpus W1 by half a length at the start, and held them there until Corpus were bumped by St. Edmund’s W1. In the end, a great race from the women saw them row safely over the finish line. -3 overall.

M1: 4 days; 4 races under 3 minutes; never rowing past grassy corner; bumping Clare M1, Girton M1, St. Catz M1, and Christ’s M1. The guys have rowed themselves to the first set of 1st men’s blades since 2012! It’s been a stellar week for them, full of slick, fast, and powerful rowing. They’ve jumped up from 14th position to 10th with amazing performances every day.