May Bumps 2015 : Day 3

M3: Another excellent performance resulting another row over and a chance at LMBC M4 on the last day. +1 overall.

M2: With LMBC 3 catching Peterhouse M2 ahead, M2 rowed over. The last day would see a chance to catch Peterhouse M2 to finish the week at +3. +2 overall.

W1: A solid row over from W1 and an opportunity to chase Sidney Sussex W1 on the Saturday. +1 overall.

M1: M1 rowed over at the head of Division 2 but were unable to bump up into the first division. Chasing Fitzwilliam M1 on the last day follows with a last chance to break into the top flight for the first time since 2012. +1 overall.