May Bumps 2015: Day 4

M3: The third boat were unfortunately bumped by Sidney Sussex M3 to move back to their starting place for the week. Level overall.

M2: Despite a strong early start to the week, the second boat were unable to catch an experience Peterhouse M2 before they were caught by a very fast Churchill M2 who achieved their blades. +1 overall.

W1: The last day saw W1 row over behind Sidney Sussex W1, capping off a successful and promising week for the women. Hopefully much more success will continue into the next few years. +1 overall.

M1: M1 comfortably rowed over at the head of division 2 and then bumped Fitzwilliam M1 to move back up to the first division. A fantastic achievement to cap an excellent year for the top mens boat. +2 overall.