Lent Bumps 2016: Day 5

W1: Despite a fast bump from Pembroke II on Sidney Sussex ahead, W1 dug deep and showed the determination that blades crews are made of. Outside station coming past the Plough, the cheers from Robinson alumni spurred them forwards and they rapidly gained on Darwin, getting the OVERBUMP halfway down the Long Reach to secure their Blades!! A spectacular performance all week and so well deserved. +6 Overall.

M1: Chasing Peterhouse for the third day in a row, M1 have learnt this week that bumps don’t come so easy in the top half of the division. Another solid race saw M1 row over clear of Christ’s and only 2 lengths or so behind Peterhouse (who were going hard for the bump on Queens). A solid week has seen M1 finish up 1 and maintain 9th position, our joint highest position ever in the Lent bumps. +1 Overall.

M2: An ejector from Churchill II underneath the motorway bridge caused carnage in the M3 division. With most crews only just getting out of their start sequence, the call to hold it up was slow to take effect for Darwin M2, who then hit Peterhouse II, who in turn ricocheted into Robinson M2’s stern, resulting in a broken rudder. Everyone was fine but the day was cut short with a technical row over. +1 Overall.