May Bumps 2016: Day 1

M1: A rudder failure before the start stole away the opportunity for M1 to show how good they are. Girton took the “bump” and M1 move down to sandwich boat. A definite chance to regain that place tomorrow! -1 overall.

W1: Despite the fastest crew of the division starting behind W1, they showed their strength with a rapid bump up on Sidney Sussex before First Post Corner. An excellent start to continue their success from the Lents. +1 overall.

M2: Following a slightly shaky start, M2 started to move on Churchill II after a series of excellent corners through the gut. Superb lines around Grassy and Ditton gave the ideal preparation for a significant and decisive push at the top of the Reach, rapidly yielding the bump. +1 overall.

M3: In division 5, strange things often happen and in this case it was LMBC V quickly catching LMBC IV just after the motorway bridge, scuppering M3’s chance of the bump. Regardless, M3 managed to weave through the course as one of only 4 boats which rowed over. A good row and a chance at LMBC IV tomorrow. Level overall.